Most frequently downloaded items March 2016, PSU Digital Commons

Deborah L. White, Pittsburg State University


Most frequently downloaded items in March 2016, PSU Digital Commons

In March we added 40 items to the repository for a total of 465 items. New noteworthy collections include the Open Pitt for Open Educational Resources and information about them. The other noteworthy is all of the Special Collections Finding Aids are now available in the Repository and are full text searchable.

Overall, the repository supplied 138 downloads for 69 items. All item downloads are listed below. Over half of the downloads were from student research (Undergraduate and Graduate).

The overall top download of 12 was for a student thesis: Validation of the MMPI-2_RF's RC3 Cynicism Scale.


Electronic Theses 59

History 430 6

Research Colloquium 22

Education Problems 3

Total downloads 90

Library Services:

University Archives 24

Finding Aids 8

Events 11

Faculty Authors Reception 5

Total downloads 48

Total Overall Submissions 465

Total Downloads 138

Items with 0 Downloads 396

Deborah L. White

May 3, 2016