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Spring 4-24-2019


Juan Vadillo was born on December 24, 1987 to Jose Juan Vadillo and Maria Lavastida in a small town on the outskirts of Mexico D.F. named San Jose Huilango. This was an especially difficult labor due to the proximity to the holidays and the relative lack of hospitals and medical professionals. On Christmas Eve Maria went in to labor and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital but was unable to find a reliable mode of transportation. Instead her and her husband, walked to the home of a midwife who lived a few minutes away. At approximately three in the afternoon, Maria went in to labor but immediately experienced difficulties as the baby’s head became stuck. With no trained professional, Jose had to step in and help dislodge the child. After a few minutes, the baby was successfully delivered. Two days later Juan was taken to the hospital for a checkup. Jose and Maria were afraid Juan might be born with some abnormalities since Maria suffered severe stress on two separate occasions during her pregnancy.[1]

The first instance of severe stress came when Jose was brutally beaten at a bar after an altercation. He was found by Maria who fainted at the sight of her bloodied husband. The second episode came when Jose suffered third degree burns on over fifty percent of his body as a result of a work accident. Jose was spent months in the hospital as he slowly recovered from his injuries. Due to the shock of seeing her husband brutally beaten and then horrifically burned, Maria became severely ill. Each time she was certain she would lose her baby and became increasingly depressed. The long months of recovery her husband endured after he suffered severe burns added to Maria’s depression. Juan’s prepared for the worst as Maria’s pregnancy continued

[1]Personal knowledge of the author, Juan Vadillo.

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