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Spring 5-9-2016


The West Makes You, The Dust Bowl Breaks You: The Family History of Michelle Topham Sours

by Michelle Sours- 2016

This paper covers the effect that westward expansion and the Dust Bowl in Kansas had on Michelle Topham's family. It includes genealogical information on her ancestors, including: Cherrie Alice Ford Topham (1947-1980), Randolph Phillips Topham (1941- ), Lela Edris Sneary Ford (1929-1980), Warren G. Ford (1928- ), Edna Gertrude Phillips Topham (1912-1985), Russell James Topham, Sr. (1914-1996), Lillian Eldred Martin Sneary (1908-2000), George Harvey Sneary (1904-1972), Ethel Carlisle Ford (1905-1991), John Harness Ford (1897-1975), Minnie Gertrude Doane Phillips (1879-1962), Sylvester Simeon Phillips (1876-1963), Mary AnnaBell Taylor Topham (1887-1963), Thomas James Topham (1880-1939), Lula Ellen Dyer Martin (1879-1961), Americus Vespucci Martin (1859-1942), Maud Victoria Scott Sneary (1878-1938), Lewis Edward Sneary (1875-1962), Lucena Tripp Carlisle (1864-1961), John Henry Carlisle (1861-1949), Malinda Catherine Ford Ford (1866-1937), James Harvey Ford (1863-1938), Mary A. Jarvis Doane (1855-1944), William Samuel Doane (1852-1922), Isabella Dennis Phillips (1856-1900), Francis Marion Phillips (1852-1915), Isabell Taylor (1859- ? ), J.B. Taylor (1852- ? ), Mary Howe Topham (1849-1922), John Bartlett Topham, Sr. (1843-1904).

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