History 430: Theory and Practice

Document Type

Undergraduate Research

Publication Date

Spring 5-9-2012


There is very little doubt that the mechanization and modernization of early mining methods in the early 1920s and 30s within the tri-state area, and the entire United States for that matter, would have a profound impact on the miners and the rest of the country. This paper will explore the positives and the negatives of the machinery that miners began to use shortly after the turn-of-the-century. In the hope to clarify, or at least improve, the ideas of why mechanization took place so quickly and so willingly by mine operators, what is impacts were on the miners, and how it changed the image of American miners. The goal in researching this paper is to find out more about the equipment and tools that would change the level of production in Picher and the surrounding areas. Ultimately, the goal will be to help others better understand how the rapid mechanization and modernization of the mining industry in the tri-state area would affect the miners, the surrounding community, and the land itself.