History 430: Theory and Practice

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Undergraduate Research

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Fall 11-16-2009


The year 1899 was an explosive time for mining in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Illinois, but especially for Southeast Kansas. Many men came to Kansas seeking jobs in the mining industry. Although they knew that there were not great wages, it was still a way of supporting themselves as well as their families. As coal mining grew and prices went up, miners were starting to get a little frustrated with their wages. Some miners who still remembered the strike of 1893 decided to do something about their wages by taking a stand against the coal companies. They were looking for better wages than what they were getting paid at the time, so in March of 1899 they went on strike. For what reason were these miners going on strike and what they were hoping to accomplish by striking? This was the biggest strike up to this date at the time in Southeast Kansas.