History 430: Theory and Practice

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Undergraduate Research

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Spring 5-12-2011


One of America's most powerful weapons in World War II was its labor force. It was one of the contributing factors to the Allied victory in the war. Not only could the U.S. field better armies than its opponent, but it could supply them for a longer period of time over a longer distance. The labor force and communities of those laborers in America were transformed during the war. People who had not previously worked outside of their homes now worked in the labor force. Also there were people in the labor force who left it to go enlist in one of the Armed Forces. One of the most important labor forces in the U.S. during and even before the war was that of the mining communities. The Second World War affected the are around Picher, Oklahoma and as a result, life in the Tri-State area was radically altered. This change in everyday life of the mining community caused the people living there to put aside their differences and support the war effort.