History 430: Theory and Practice

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Undergraduate Research

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Spring 5-24-2012


In the days of mining money was scarce. Along with lack of disposable income also came a lack of free time. Miners worked long and tiresome days with little rest and little family time. The wives of miners also spent long days keeping house and raising children and much like their husbands, had a tiresome job. However, when the income became available they would do something fun with their families, or even take a trip to a nearby town. Picher had a wide variety of things to do and see, almost something for all ages. Spending time off at home wasn't always a bad thing and was called a "stay-cation." Sometimes even a trip to another town such as Miami Oklahoma or Joplin Missouri would be within a family's budget. Going to Miami or Joplin would provide a wide array of activities for the family and a new change of pace.