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This collection of documents is comprised of Crawford County District Court records, Justice of the Peace records, City Court of Pittsburg records, City Court of Girard, and City Court of Frontenac records. The documents in this collection pertain to various types of cases including murder, rape, arson, fraud, child endangerment, insufficient funds, welfare, simple assault, speeding and illegal trash dumping. There are many types of documents in this collection including transcripts of hearings and sworn statements, warrants, complaints, journal entries from the courts, testimonies, and coroner’s inquisitions. In addition to the names of plaintiffs and defendants, listed within the index are the names of Crawford County judges, county attorney’s, court appointed and hired attorney’s, court reporters, stenographers, sheriffs, undersheriffs, and attorney firms.

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Government and Law

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4 linear feet

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SpC MS 0065


Revised: 2/2016

Crawford County, Kansas Court records, 1912-1975

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