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Military clothing and medals from Mr. Hollenbeck’s career in the Army.

E. W. Hollenbeck was born April 8, 1934 in Goodland, Kansas. After growing up “Bill” Hollenbeck attended Pittsburg State University where he graduated giving him a bachelor of science in education in 1956. After his bachelor’s degree Hollenbeck enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served 25 years. In these years Hollenbeck garnered a reputation for upstanding character and moved up in rank until his promotion of colonel in 1978. During his time in the military Hollenbeck also graduated with a master of science degree in education from Wichita State University. Finishing his education Hollenbeck also acquired a certificate of advanced graduate study in counseling and guidance from Boston University. After his education Hollenbeck came to Pittsburg once again but as a faculty member of Pittsburg State University. From his time employed here he was the chairman of the Military Science Department and assistant to the president some years later. He also became the liaison between the University and the Kansas legislature and finally became director of the PSU Business and Technology institute in 1996. Bill Hollenbeck passed in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 2nd, 1997.

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Military and War


Arts and Humanities | Social and Behavioral Sciences

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SpC MS 0409

Hollenbeck, E. W., collection, 1956-1981



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