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Bylaws, correspondence, performance records & recordings, meeting minutes, financial documents, newsletters, newspaper clippings, forums, policies, handbooks, lease agreements, photographs, programs & miscellaneous materials.

The Pittsburg Community Theatre was founded in a joint effort of the Pittsburg Parks and Recreation department and Pittsburg Area Arts and Crafts Association. Misty Maynard was appointed to access the feasibility of establishing a community theatre group, she then decided to stage a production of “The Music Man.” The community’s response proved incredibly positive and the project was deemed a success. On April 30, 1981, Pittsburg Community Theatre became a non-profit organization. The City of Pittsburg granted space in the Memorial Auditorium as part of an agreement to produce three shows in the calendar year. The 100th production of the PCT was a production of “The Music Man” in 2006.

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Pittsburg Community Theatre Records, 1979-2016



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