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This is collection consists of newspaper clippings, yearbooks, photographs, and organization documents related to the Allegro Music Club of Parsons, Kansas

The Allegro Music Club was a women’s musical organization formed in 1937 in Parsons, Kansas. Their intent was to “bring together lovers of music and to maintain an interest in all music forms.” Often meeting in the home of one of the members, the club presented multiple music programs throughout the year, both privately and for the public. The club mainly focused on classical music, however they did present other genres of music on certain occasions. The Allegro Music Club worked closely with the Parsons Junior College (now Labette Community College) in order to foster and support music students hoping to subsequently attend four-year colleges, especially those who intended to major in music. After several decades of active work in Parsons, the Allegro Music club eventually disbanded due to aging members and a lack of availability of new individuals able to devote the needed time to the club’s mission.

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Allegro Music Club Collection, 1937-1967

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