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Two daybooks belonging to Grace T. Gerdes in which she catalogues her daily life in the year when her second to last child was born (1913), and the year her husband passed away (1952).

Grace T. Floyd was born in 1882 to the Reverend Charles T. and Mary M. Floyd. She was raised in Mound Valley, Kansas. In 1905, she married Charles W. Gerdes (b. 1871) and they moved to a farm outside of Mound Valley in Labette County, where she would live out the rest of her life as a homemaker. Charles Gerdes passed away in 1952. Grace Gerdes passed away in 1969. They had two sons but only one lived to adulthood.

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Social Life and Customs



Size of Collection

0.1 linear feet

Dates of Collection

1913 – 1914; 1952

Manuscript Number

SpC MS 0370

Gerdes, Grace T., Collection, 1913-1914, 1952

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History Commons



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