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A personal diary of Pauline Hibbard, written throughout the latter half of 1919, when she was 14 years old. The diary discusses her weekly activities during the summer and school year, such as church, swimming, ice cream eating, and football games.

Pauline Lang Hibbard was born March 3, 1905 in Cherryvale, Kansas to Sherburne and Dixon Hibbard. When she was 25, she became a school teacher in Cherryvale, Kansas. In the early 1930s she moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and in 1940 married Edward L. Stauffacher from St. Paul, Minnesota. At the beginning of World War II her husband was drafted and they moved to Chicago. After the war, her husband became the president of City Service Oil Company of Pennsylvania. Later they moved to Chappaqua, New York. Edward passed away in 1966 and Pauline passed away in 1995 in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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Hibbard, Pauline, 1919

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