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A scrapbook about the history of the banks of Thayer and Stark, Kansas, their fiftieth anniversaries, and Harry E. Rash’s career as a banker in the 1940s and 1950s. The scrapbook is comprised of newspaper clippings, photographs, letters, and cards.

Harry Edgar Rash was born on November 24, 1910 in Atlanta, Kansas. He began working as a bookkeeper at the First National Bank of Thayer, Kansas on June 1, 1927 and was elected to cashier in 1936. Two years later, following the death of Edgar Rash, his father, Harry was elected president of the First National Bank of Thayer. In the early 1930s Harry married Ruth Julia Pownall and had two children by 1940. In 1944, Harry was elected as President for the Stark State Bank of Kansas and operated as such for both banks. His wife Ruth was the Vice President of the Stark State Bank. Harry passed away in 1995 and Ruth passed away in 1999.

The bank of Thayer, Kansas first opened in 1904 as the Citizens State Bank. In 1907, the bank was bought from the original incorporators by W. H. Slaughter who then sold it in 1908 to S. M. Pickens. In 1909, the bank was nationalized and renamed the First National Bank. After being briefly closed in 1911, the bank reopened with J. A. Alleman as cashier and Edgar Rash, Harry Rash’s father, as assistant cashier. To celebrate its 50th anniversary in 1954, the bank was remodeled, updating the entrance, rearranging the entire interior, and modernizing the appearance. A contemporary article states that the bank’s goal was to stay as modern as possible in terms of appearance and services.

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Rash, Harry E., Collection, 1941-1958



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