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A collection of legal papers, financial statements, and correspondence relating to the final decade of the Pittsburg Pottery Company.

The pottery business in Pittsburg began in 1888 when a smelting company provided a section for stonemasonry. In 1913, this section became independent and was named the Pittsburg Clay Works. Originally owned by A. K. and E. V. Lanyon, the company was bought by a group of people, including Henry Matarazzi, in 1925. Matarazzi gained complete ownership in 1944 and the name changed to the Pittsburg Pottery Company. Matarazzi passed the business on to his son in 1952 who sold it to an Oswego pottery company in 1982. Until World War II, the company used coal to fire the kilns, but switched to natural gas after the war. In the 1980s, gas prices rose sharply, making payments more difficult. After a recession, sales of its products slowed. The company found it difficult to pay its loans to the City of Pittsburg, even with modifications to the payments plans. The company closed in the mid-1990s.

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Pittsburg Pottery Company Collection, 1983-1994



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