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Gerald Burton Winrod was born March 7, 1900 in Wichita, Kansas to John Wesley and Mabel Craig Winrod. Approximately 1918 John Wesley Winrod became a preacher, and in 1925 Gerald B. Winrod’s parents started the Healing Temple in Wichita, Kansas. Gerald B. Winrod stopped attending school in the fifth grade but was tutored in theology by revivalist Newton N. Riddell. Gerald Winrod is believed to have preached his first sermon when he was twelve years old, and by the time he was in his twenties was a full-time evangelist. In November 1925 Winrod was named the executive director of The Defenders of the Christians Faith, an organization he helped organize, and in April 1926 he began to publish a religious magazine titled The Defender. That same year, Winrod became the World’s Christian Fundamentals Association secretary. Between 1932-1934, Winrod’s beliefs transitioned into conspiratorial anti-Semitism views. When World War II began Winrod supported Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, with support growing throughout the war. Because of this, he had the nickname of “the Jayhawk Hitler.” Collection consists of correspondence, journals, pamphlets, newsletter, newspapers, photographs, books, and 78s LPs that relate to Gerald B. Winrod and the Defenders of the Christian Faith organization.

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Religion and Philosophy, Military and War

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SpC MS 0130

Winrod, Gerald B., Collection, 1929-1981



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