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Personal correspondence of E. Kennedy Whitesitt; examples of his print work; book catalogue of his personal library and a proposal to start a typographic center; typeface series and letterhead examples; teacher’s manuals to teach the Industrial Arts; student workbooks for printing and type; syllabi for Industrial arts; manuals for linotype machines; miscellaneous pamphlets and booklets about typography and typographers; Gutenberg Museum pamphlets and material; The Washburn Bible informational material; photographs of E. K. Whitesitt and his personal library and printing; A. H. Whitesitt’s papers (E. Kennedy Whitesitt’s father); posters on comparatives of printing paper and typefaces; posters about typography and typographers; newspapers of different typefaces; newspaper article about E. Kennedy Whitesitt; loose type pieces; E. K. Whitesitt’s signature in type; small replica of the Washington Press; halftones, lithograph stone; an early composing stick; handmade galley; and miscellaneous items.

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Education, Science and Technology

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3 linear feet

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SpC MS 0200

Whitesitt, E. Kennedy, Collection, 1921-1976



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