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The present study is an attempt to objectify the subjective concept of adaptive behavior and to show the effect of institutionalization upon adaptive behavior.

The development of an Adaptive Behavior Rating Sheet consisting of forty-five items is a major portion of this study.

The Adaptive Behavior Rating Sheet was administered to a sample of ninety patients who, at the time of administration, had been in the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center (PSH&TC) between one year six months and two years six months.

The raw scores were statistically reduced to comply with the five levels of adaptive behavior employed at PSH&TC.

The mean obtained on each of the three chronological age groups in the sample was used as the median of Level III. By the standard deviation method the raw scores were fixed in the five levels of adaptive behavior. The Chi-Square method and Contingency Coefficient were used to determine the significance between the PSH&TC ratings and the Adaptive Behavior Rating Sheet. The final results are shown in the form of correlations and percentages.

It is anticipated that this study may be of aid in the problem of determining the necessity for institutional referral in some cases and in dealing with the problems of parental acceptance and adjustment which are often present in such situations.

In its present form, the rating sheet is considered to be a non-validated instrument. It is the investigator's wish that others will find this instrument worthy of further evaluation to determine its empirical validity.


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