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Five copolymers were synthesized from vinylferrocene with N-(4-

methoxyphenyl)maleimide, N-(4-methylphenyl)maleimide, N-phenylmaleimide, N-

(4-acetylphenyl)maleimide, and N-(4-cyanophenyl)maleimide. The resulting

copolymers were characterized by gel permeation chromatography, IR spectroscopy

and NMR spectroscopy. Thermal characterization of the copolymers included DSC

and TGA. The copolymers were also characterized electrochemically by cyclic

voltammetry in methylene chloride solutions and as a thin film in aqueous

electrolytes. As a thin film, each copolymer showed changes in oxidation potential

with different electrolytes (NaCl, NaNO3, NaClO4, and Na2SO4). These materials

were also tested as biosensors for hydrogen peroxide and dopamine, and compared to

polyvinyl ferrocene. Each material exhibited similar sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide.

However, differences were observed when sensing dopamine with the methoxy and

nitrile derivatives being the most sensitive.

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