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The purpose guiding this study was to identify perceptions of workplace empowerment and levels of job satisfaction in a group of primary care nurse practitioners in the southeast Kansas area. A quantitative study was conducted and examined as to what background variables are significant for empowerment to be fully realized. This will add knowledge to other studies that have been done on nurse practitioner's job satisfaction so that more will be known about this vital and growing profession.

The population for this study included 30 nurse practitioners that currently work in a primary care setting in the southeast Kansas area and consented to be a part of this research. The primary care settings included but were not limited to: primary care physician's offices, health departments, community health centers, and occupational health settings. The two questionnaires used for this study were the Job Satisfaction Survey developed by Paul Spector, and the Nurse Work Empowerment Scale, developed by Heather Spence Laschinger.

It was the goal of this research study to identify factors that lead to a sense of job satisfaction and empowerment among primary care nurse practitioners. The results of this study could potentially lead to further research on how to recruit and retain quality nurse practitioners. It is these health care providers that are providing high-quality, cost-effective care to many people. It is essential to identify what factors are desired by nurse practitioners in their job setting in order to retain them in the health care system.


viii, 53 leaves : charts ; 28 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 39-43). Added Author: Pittsburg State University. Dept. of Nursing.

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