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Fall 11-1964

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Master of Science (MS)




This is a study of the relationship between scores made by applicants on the Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness and the Allport-Vernon-Lindzey Study of Values and subsequent job success as Psychiatric Aides in the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center. During the period covered by the study, there was a total of 93 applicants tested. Of that number, 16 were hired as Psychiatric Aide Trainees. One of the Trainees failed to complete the 14 week training program. Of the 15 trainees who were promoted to the Aide position, one entered the armed forces.

When the TMA and the Study of Values were introduced into the selection program, there were no norms specifically applicable for the selection of Psychiatric Aides on either of the tests, In order to make immediate use of the test results, cutting scores were developed by the Psychology Department on the basis of educated guesses.

In assessing the predictive validity of these cutting scores, two criteria of job success were used. Both criteria were derived from ratings made by Nursing Supervisors. Rank order correlations were computed between test scores and one criterion. An expectancy table developed using the predictive ratings of a Psychologist and the overall ratings of the Nursing Supervisors. Product Moment correlations were computed between the Psychologist's ratings and the two criteria of job success. The general conclusions from these procedures were that the test scores, as they are being used, are not valid predictors of job success. Information obtained from the study also presented some doubt as to the reliability of the rating system being used by the Nurses.

Certain recommendations are made for revisions in the use of the test scores and the rating scale in an effort to improve the predictive validity of the tests and the reliability of ratings given by Nurses.


vi, 67 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 65-67. Appendix B: Study of values test booklet / G.W. Allport, P.E. Vernon, G. Lindzey (3rd ed., c1960).

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