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Spring 1-1963

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Master of Science (MS)




This study was an attempt to help determine whether or not a modified Draw-A-Person test has possibilities for development into an adequate dual-purpose group screening device (intellectual and personality assessment) for psychologists working in educational, guidance, and clinical settings.

The modified DAP test used includes drawings of the same sex, opposite sex, and a self drawing. Scoring procedures are similar to Goodenough's method; however, some modifications were necessary as female drawings were scored frequently.

The Parsons, Kansas, Junior High School System, consisting of 615 seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students was used in this project. The students, with the exception of one eleven year old boy, were older than twelve and younger than seventeen years of age. Due to absences, 505 students were tested in the project.

The secondary objective of this project was to determine whether Leland's concepts of functional efficiency and reality content as related to the modified Draw-A-Person test are usable in assessment of intelligence with normal thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old junior high school students. The results indicated that Leland's scoring system will not differentiate among groups of normal tnirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old junior high school students. Some evidence suggests, however, that Leland's scoring method will measure mental age through thirteen years of age and seems to have considerable potential for use as a screening device for mildly retarded individuals of any age level.

Other findings indicated that (1) the Goodenough scoring method will not differentiate among thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old junior high school students; (2) approximately sixteen per cent of the students drew "heads only" on all three drawings; (3) males drew males first at all three grade levels ninety-two per cent of the time or more. The percentages of females drawing their own sex first decreased with grade level; (4) the first drawing is usually the highest scoring drawing in total points, and the self drawing the lowest; and (5) relatively high percentages of students who drew at least a head and trunk for the same sex drawing omitted the body or trunk on the self drawing (from twenty to thirty per cent).


vi, 74 leaves ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves [67]-71.


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