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This study attempted to explore a new dimension of the agenda-setting theory by examining the positions of the New York Times and the Bush Administration with regards to China policy in 1989. Content-analysis was applied to the New York Times editorials and the weekly compilation of Presidential Documents. Results of the content-analysis indicated that, regarding China policy during 1989, the New York Times had a negative perception towards China and Chinese policies in general, also the New York Times expressed neutral or no attitude towards the Bush Administration's China policy most of the time. However, when the New York Times took a stand, it supported the Bush Administration's China policy except during the last period, when the Administration began to negotiate with the Chinese government (i.e., from September 15, 1989 to January 31, 1990). The study indicated that, during the one-year period studied, the New York Times and the Bush Administration had different China policy issues. However, the study found that the Bush Administration initiated China policy during the period studied and the New York Times simpled reacted to it most of the time. This study concluded that during 1989, the New York Times followed the Bush Administration's China policy issue agenda in general. However, when the foreign policy issue involved domestic politics, the New York Times changed its position and did not support the Adminsitration.


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