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The real capability of Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the ability it gives the user to quickly design an entire document, complete with type and graphics, see it accurately on the screen, proof it on a laser printer, then typeset the entire page ready for printing, the same computer file, at a fraction of the time and cost required before. This study was carried out to determine the impact of desktop publishing on the printing industry in the state of Kansas. Specifically, it examined the turnaround time and cost desktop publishing had related to traditional pre-press printing methods. A mailed survey was sent out to fifty industries in Kansas. Data from the questionnaire were complied and then calculated in percentages. DTP was used by 68 percent of the respondents. Only 47 percent of the respondents claimed to be using it for their pre presswork. What the rest use DTP it for is yet to be identified. About 53 percent of the respondents reported that desktop system reduced the time for their pre-presswork, as well as did saving information on the computer disk; while 47 percent claimed it reduced the cost of preparing their pre-presswork, as well as did saving information on the computer disk. A further study on this new technology is encouraged by the researcher, but this time using printing Instructors as the population.


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