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The problem was to determine if there was any difference in the levels of self-esteem of Cherokee Indian and white students in grades nine through twelve in Jay, Oklahoma High School. Data were obtained by administering Coopersmith's Self-Esteem Inventory to selected samples of Cherokee Indian students and white students during the week of March 7-11, 1977. Statistical analysis showed that there was no significant different in the levels of self-esteem of the two sample groups. Difference between the two sample means was determined by use of a two-tailed t-test at the .05 level of significance. The analysis of data showed that the mean of the white sample was somewhat higher than the mean of the Cherokee Indian sample. Differences in six of the eight subgroups were greater for the white sample. Although the over-all difference was not significant, the results indicate that Cherokee Indian students are somewhat less self-assured than the white students in general, and not as many score in the high level of self-esteem as do white students. This suggests that more effort should be directed towards insuring that the Cherokee Indian students improve in their feelings of self-esteem. Likewise, teachers should endeavor to become aware of signs of negative self-esteem in all students and strive to develop methods of teaching that will help all students develop a positive level of self-esteem.


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