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Excerpt: "The main purpose of this study was to secure a comprehensive picture of industrial arts in Negro high schools in the state of Missouri. This research involved four minor problems: (1) to present the status of the shop teachers; (2) to manifest the physical layout of the shops; (3) to set forth general information pertinent to the industrial arts program; and (4) to offer suggestions for the improvement of industrial arts in the high schools as warranted by the findings of this survey. [...] A letter was sent to the state supervisor of Negro education in Jefferson City, Missouri, asking him to submit the names of Negro high schools located in each of the cities with populations exceeding 10,000. Letters were sent to each high school asking that the name of the man who taught industrial arts be returned to the writer. A letter was sent to each of the seventeen men stating that if a questionnaire were sent to him, would he fill it out and return the questionnaire. Questionnaires were sent to every man who answered the latter letter previously mentioned, except three men residing in Kansas City, Missouri. The three men in Kansas City, Missouri were interviewed by the writer. The data were tabulated and organized into tables for the convenience of interpretation and comparison, and from this data it was found that: (1) Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri, was the first choice of the teachers for undergraduate woirk in industrial arts; (2) University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, was the first choice of the teachers for graduate work in industrial arts [...]"


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