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Excerpt: "This study was proposed with a two-fold purpose: (1) An attempt was made to compare twenty-five Negro boy scouts with twenty-five Negro non-scouts of Pittsburg, Kansas, to determine which is the superior group. Homes, families, school records, intellectual abilities, socio-economic status, vocational interests, and other influential factors were used as measures for the comparison. (2) Because of the many problems confronting the Pittsburg Negro such as increasing juvenile delinquency and decline in interest in religious and young peoples' auxiliaries, an effort was also made to determine the probable cause of many of the problems and also to find the most influential factor in conditioning a possible solution. Personal interviews, case studies, and tests were the methods used to obtain the desired results. Otis Group Intelligence Scale, Advanced Examination, Form B and the Sims Score Card of Socio-economic Status, Form C were the tests used. The fifty boys studied and their families represent approximately 55 per cent of the total Pittsburg Negro population. Generally speaking, the scouts proved to be the superior group, although their superiority was not great. Probably the greatest differences were found in the superior school records of the scouts and the larger number of non-scouts employed and the greater amount of wages and salaries received by them. From all indications the home is the most influential factor probably causing much of the unrest in the local youth. The small amount of education received by the parents, general condition of the homes, size and type of families, and religious and educational attitudes found in the home will probably have more influence on the boy than any other single factor. This institution can also be made the most important factor in conditioning a change in the attitudes, ideals, and interests of the younger generation."


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