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Excerpt: "The purpose of this thesis was to sketch the history of Methodist Missions in Kansas with a historical background of the Indian tribes affected. A study was made of the various tribes who migrated to Kansas in order that a background for each mission might be formed. Since the Shawnee mission proved to be the outstanding one, the second chapter was spent in giving a detailed account of its founding and its work. The third chapter gives a history and progress made by the other missions founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Although the study of the Indian life and the missions was very interesting, it was made difficult by the fact that very little primary source material was available. However, in summarizing the facts available, I have come to the conclusion that the missionaries did play an important part in the spiritual and educational life of the Indians of Kansas."

Included are descriptions of Shawnee Mission (1830), Kansas Mission (1830), Delaware Mission (1832), Kickapoo Mission (1833), Peoria Mission (1833), Pottawatomie Mission (1837), Wyandot Mission (1844), and Sac and Fox Mission (1863).


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