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Excerpt: "During the spring semester of the school year of 1934-35 the writer of this study was enrolled in a class in Seminar in Education at Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg, under Dr. Ralph A. Fritz. At the suggestion of the instructor the class presented the following problems in which they were interested for general study: (1) Character Education, (2) Vocational Guidance, (3) Selection of Students for Teachers Training. Through this study the writer became interested in investigating the achievements of Negro students on the Freshman Examination at Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg. [...] While the Freshman Examinations at Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg are not in the strict sense examinations by which the student is admitted or rejected according to scores, the tests do prove of great assistance to the heads of various departments and the instructors in arranging the student's program and as a check on various students to accertain [sic] if they are working to their full capacity. These examinations also furnish reliable data for comparison of various groups who enter the freshman classes at Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg. [...] The writer hopes to accomplish a three-fold purpose in this study: first, to present a study of achievements of freshmen Negro students on each of the three examinations used in this study; second, to present a comparison of the achievements of the White students and the Negro students taking the same examinations; third, to compare the score made by Negro students and by the White students with the norms."


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