Date of Award

Fall 11-21-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Biological Science (MBioSci)



First Advisor

Neil Snow

Second Advisor

Andrew George

Third Advisor

Ananda Jaywardhana


New Caledonia is a globally recognized biodiversity ‘hotspot’ characterized by a rich flora and a large number of endemic species. Syzygium Gaertn., the largest genus of woody plants in the world, is common in New Caledonia with approximately 70 species. A comparative survey of leaf morphology and architectural traits among 27 species of New Caledonian Syzygium was conducted, focusing on leaf venation patterns. Separate and detailed descriptions of leaf morphology and leaf venation characters are provided for the species. In addition to morphological differences, this study found differences at the species level among characters such as the number of intramarginal veins, the number and angle of divergence of secondary veins, whether thinner intersecondary veins can be distinguished from normal secondary veins, patterns of tertiary venation, relative degree of areole development, and the level of ultimate tertiary branching within areoles A cluster analysis separated the sample species into three groups based primarily on differences in leaf morphology, not patterns of venation.



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