Date of Award

Winter 12-13-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Dr. Ryan Speelman,

Second Advisor

Dr. Brian Sims,

Third Advisor

Dr. Julie Allison,

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Jamie Wood,


With the increasing prevalence of online courses and instruction, advanced methods to teach technical concepts for students in higher education are of value. Equivalence-Based Instruction (EBI) is an effective, efficient, and empirically validated teaching methodology. This study developed a match-to-sample EBI protocol embedded in CANVAS to teach four common single-subject designs to graduate students. Results were compared between an equivalence group receiving a reduced-intensity EBI protocol and a group receiving a traditional video lecture to serve as the control. The ability of the participants to generalize the trained relations to novel stimuli was also evaluated. Results indicate that the EBI procedure implemented by the current authors significantly increased pretest-to-posttest scores and allowed for generalization to novel exemplars. EBI streamlines the teaching of intricate concepts, may be shared across disciplines, and may allow students to gain a minimum competency prior to attending a lecture.



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