Date of Award

Spring 5-10-2019

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Master of Arts (MA)


Creative Writing

First Advisor

Lori Martin

Second Advisor

Chase Dearinger

Third Advisor

Linden Dalecki


Particular to the three short stories in Eulogyis the importance of place, as they are set in the fictional location of Potter’s Island, which is based on my childhood sense of Florida.Contradictions, complications, and disappointments can be uniquely tied to a sense of place. My own parents and grandparents moved to Florida when I was three years old, but where they lived, how they lived and worked, and what dreams they pursued was only partially an immigrant’s story of wanting a better life.

The past has weight—a weight that must be dealt with, for real people, and for the characters in my stories. Charlie Dunham, a new retiree who has recently moved to Island Circle, finds out that the idea of starting over sometimes ends up in the reality of being rootless and unable to flourish, despite all the right conditions for regrowth. Clementine Asher, a fourth grader who buries the road kill she finds on her way home from school in a burned out Florida pine forest, has to meet her past head on when her missing father shows up after leaving his family desperate and struggling to survive. And Dodie, whose family is always on the run from trouble, has to find a way to balance family loyalty and the need for self-survival.

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Fiction Commons



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