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In the current investigation RC3 was correlated with the 16 Personality Factor’s (16PF) Vigilance Scale (L) (Conn & Reike, 1994) in an effort to provide additional evidence of validity of the scale. To further understand the construct of cynicism, as measured by RC3, the scale was also correlated with the 16PF’s global factor scales, Independence and Anxiety. The study incorporated archival data from 74 college participants from undergraduate psychology classes. Results showed that RC3 was positively correlated with the 16PF’s Vigilance scale and had a significantly stronger correlation with the 16PF’s Independence global factor than with the Anxiety global factor. The results of the analysis indicated that the 16PF’s Vigilance scale and the MMPI-2-RF’s RC3 scale may assess for similar characteristics. Further analysis of the data showed the individuals who elevate the RC3 scale may be aggressive, skeptical, emotionally unstable, and bold. The results of this study may help therapists and clinicians better understand individuals who elevate RC3 and individuals who are identified as cynical.



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