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The purpose of this study was to compare the relative effectiveness of a conventional face-to-face demonstration with a closed-circuit televised demonstration on trouble-shooting with the Simpson Volt-Ohm-Meter. Special emphasis was placed on problems the ordinary shop instructor would have in presenting a demonstration by television. Data for the experimental comparison of the conventional demonstration with the televised demonstration were obtained by the parallel group technique. Two groups, experimental and control, composed of graduate students in the field of industrial education were used in the experiment. Subjects of both groups were compared on the characteristics of age, position, and overall grade point average. A pretest and posttest was administered to both groups. The experimental group was asked to complete a critique questionnaire on the effectiveness of the televised demonstration. The demonstration on troubleshooting with the Simpson Volt-Ohm-Meter was as effective by television as it was by the conventional face-to-face classroom method.


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