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This thesis discusses the formulation by Secretary of State Cordell Hull of the “Good Neighbor” policy in United States-Latin American relations between 1933-1937. After providing the background of United States’ relations with Latin America before 1933 and the background of Cordell Hull, the thesis discusses first the conference held in Montevideo. This conference presented an opportunity for Mr. Hull to meet personally the Latin American countries and to enunciate the new American policy of non-intervention and friendship. The discussion of the new non-intervention policy includes both the abrogation of treaties which gave the United States the right to intervene and instances where there was a possibility of the United States intervening. The economic policies of Mr. Hull were centered on the Trade Agreement Act, better known as the reciprocal trade program. The conference at Buenos Aires in 1936 is the first illustration of the success of the “Good Neighbor” policy as it was the beginning of inter-American solidarity.


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