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Master of Arts (MA)


In this paper, I have undertaken an introspective examination of myself as subject matter. As an artist, what "I am" or the "essence of Self" is of very critical importance, since creative work must originate from within. However, the inner Self can be very mysterious, often confusing, and many times beyond our comprehension: yet, if we are to lead fulfilling lives as persons, and understand ourselves as artists, it is essential that the quest be undertaken. No one of us will probably ever completely understand the many elements that comprise our being, because we are multi-directional in concept, ever expanding in our experiences, ever growing, and always changing - the essence of a synergistic system. But whatever knowledge can be gained through investigation, contemplation and reflection will aid us toward a greater congruence of outer and inner Self, and thus, more rewarding lives as creative human beings will ensue.


v, 13 leaves ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaf 13.


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