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This study was made to determine the present status of the dictation and transcription phases of shorthand in the public supported high schools in Kansas. In collecting the data necessary for the study, check lists were mailed to 69 public supported high schools; these were the Class A high schools in Kansas having an enrollment of 250 or more. The findings from the study show that approximately one-half of the schools approve of dictation and transcription as a separate course; however, only one school stated that dictation and transcription are offered as a separate course. Pretranscription training is offered by a majority of schools; it is given during the second semester, first year of shorthand in a majority of schools. All schools that reported have first year students transcribe. Approximately one-half of the schools reported the basis for permitting students to take advanced shorthand and advanced typewriting is a passing grade of “D.” A minority of the responses consider a perfect copy or verbatim transcript as necessary for a mailable transcription. As to the method used in the teaching of shorthand, functional, manual, and a combination of the two are all used with approximately the same frequency.


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