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Master of Science (MS)


Industrial Technology Education


The problem confronting all teachers in industrial arts today is to make the curriculum fit the needs of the pupil in the school, home, and community. The problem in this thesis has been to make a course of study in home mechanics to meet the needs and interests of the homes in the community of Pratt, Kansas. To work out this problem a check list of one hundred ninety items consisting of things done about a home was prepared and taken to one hundred eight homes in the Pratt community. The fathers in these homes checked this list to indicate the things they had done about their homes and what needed to be done at the time the survey was made. The activities which were marked by 50 per cent of more of the fathers and those jobs which were in need of being done in at least 20 per cent of the homes were used as a basis for selecting the objectives of the course of study.


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