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Master of Science (MS)




The question to be answered in this thesis is: Is it better to require a student of typewriting to do a comparatively small amount of practice work, with a high degree of accuracy and some perfect copy work, or to require him to do a larger amount of practice work with a lower degree of accuracy and no perfect copy work?


iv, 50 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm; Appendixes: Terman group test of mental ability / L.M. Terman (c1920); Otis self-administering tests of mental ability / A.S. Otis (c1922); and Blackstone stenographic proficiency tests / E.G. Blackstone (c1923). Booklet in pocket: Sacramento and the trail of '49 / J.N. Kimball. New York : Underwood Typewriter Co., c1928.



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