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Master of Science (MS)


Special Education


This study was conducted to determine whether or not special needs instructors in public schools and penal institutions had common stressors which contribute to job dissatisfaction and burn out.

Special needs educators in three public schools and three correctional facilities were administered a Likert-type Teacher Attitude Survey. Two hundred and three survey forms were sent out with one-hundred and thirty four being completed and returned.

The survey contained fifty questions dealing with five areas of concern which include; (1) Staff Relationships, (2) Discipline, Safety and Security, (3) Teacher work load, (4) Administration, and (5) Salaries, Contracts and Fringe Benefits.

Responses from the two groups of educators were compiled and an average level of response was calculated by weighting the possible responses. An "SA" response received five points, an "A" response received four points, a "U". response received three points, a "D" response received two points and one point was given to a "SD" response. When the total points per question was divided by the total number of responses, the average level of response resulted. These results are graphed to show a comparison in levels of response between educators in public schools and educators in correctional facilities.



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