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This thesis deals with the somewhat controversial topic of Intuitionist logic and mathematics. Since the writer's objective in this case is to explain this theory, the point of view expressed herein will tend toward that of the intuitionist's, with emphasis given to the positive aspects of the theory.

For those who might wonder whether the material covered in this thesis is really logic, mathematical philosophy, or foundations of mathematics; there is no exact answer. These three concepts tend to be artificial since the boundaries between them, if any, are rather vague. The writer does feel though, that this material should be pertinent to any understanding of that which is called "mathematics" (whatever that may mean).

Due to the nature of the material being considered, the writer feels that a survey of the historical as well as the philosophical background to the problem will give the reader somewhat of a perspective from which to examine the intuitionist theory. Thus, much of the material presented will be of a more general nature with the areas of specific concentration being mainly the logic from intuitionism and its comparison to a classical mathematical logic. With this short introduction, the historical problem will be presented.

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