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Purpose.--The purpose of this study is to determine how much, if any, relationship exists between certain attitudes in individuals and their composite percentile scores in intelligence tests, and certain traits in personality in a group of ninety-eight college freshmen at the Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg, Kansas.

Procedure.--The Pearson formula for determining the coefficient of correlation was used and correlations made on all the data obtained from testing forty-three freshmen men and fifty-five freshmen women. That is, attitudes toward the church, toward communism, and toward birth control were correlated with each of the personality traits of neuroticism, introversion-extroversion, self-sufficiency, and dominance-submission, and also with the intelligence test results.

Findings.--The main findings of this study were: (1) There was not a single high correlation, as correlations go, and none that meets the statistical demands for significance, (2) The results seem to agree with similar studies that have been made.



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