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The problem was to organize and improve the library in the small high school located at Wallace, Kansas. This study is based upon the assumption: (1) that the secondary school library has increased in importance with changing methods of instruction for high school pupils; (2) that the textbook is now generally used as an outline and reference, and should be supplemented with reference books, magazines pamphlets and a wide range of printed matter; and (3) that the secondary school that offers its pupils an enriched curriculum must also have a well equipped library organized to give efficient service. This manuscript is a report of the actual program carried out during the school year 1938- 1939. The program is described in full in chapter iv, Reorganization of the Library and Chapter v, Increase in Holdings and Equipment. The writer attempts to show what can be done to bring a library into systematic order and usefulness by one with a minimum of library experience. The result of the improvement program in part in Chapter vi, Evaluation and Summaries. However, the wisdom of the organization program can best be determined by the increased use of the library during the years that follow.


vii, 82, [4] leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 80-82.

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