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The purpose of this study was to determine the attitudes Pittsburg State University students held toward the debatable and controversial topic of capital punishment. A total of 154 Pittsburg State University students were selected from eight different classrooms on campus to take part in this study. Each student was requested to fill out a questionnaire which was distributed in each class.

Results of the study showed that the majority or 77 percent of Pittsburg State University students approved of the death penalty. The students who disapproved totaled 22 or 14 percent of the total population of 154. There were 14 students or 9 percent of the population who had no opinion. Factors which may have contributed to the selected students were also measured in this study which include: age, gender, political affiliation, ethnic origin, religious orientation, and income. These factors showed many differences among individual students.

As mentioned in this study in the review of literature section, the national average for approval of the death penalty is approximately 86 percent. PSU students have approximated this average with a 77 percent approval rate. Perhaps this is a growing trend in a country where violence and violent crime is on the rise.


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