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"An Analysis of Osa Johnson Noted Female Explorer" examines the life of the wife of famed African explorer Martin Elmer Johnson. It is the story of a love affair between two people who also shared a mutual love of animals and nature. Osa was initially the concerned wife who looked out after her husband and attempted to safeguard their lives in the early years of this century in a continent fraught with dangerous carnivores and instant death at every imaginable corner. She progressed from this to a position of leadership, shared with her husband, as they truly became a team of explorers dedicated to professional research by film.

It can safely be concluded that Osa, while not an accepted equal to Martin in his work, (women photographers were little used or recognized in those days) clearly faced the same dangers. She lived the same life of deprivation, performed much the same routine work and obviously earned the professional recognition she later received for her accomplishments_ Fame, worldwide notoriety, and wealth meant little to this diminutive woman whose stature in her chosen field has eclipsed all who came before or after her.


v, 221 leaves ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 211-221.


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