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This experimental investigation was designed to test which of four rewards would elicit the fastest and most consistent running speeds from Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus). The four rewards were: Purina Lab Chow, .045 grams Noyes Precision Pellets, Sunflower seeds, and Hamster feed. Twenty-four male gerbils (90-120 days old) were randomly assigned to a deprivation group (D) and trained in a straight alley runway under a restricted ration deprivation schedule for 70 acquisition and 35 extinction trials. A second group of 24 subjects (non deprived group, ND) were similarly trained while on a free feed schedule.

Each group was further divided into four sub-groups differentiated on the basis of type of reward. The sub-groups were divided into two squads with Squad 2 starting acquisition trials the day following the last extinction trial of Squad 1.

A multi-factor analysis of variance was computed for acquisition and extinction training. The results indicate a significant deprivation and trials effect (p> .05).


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