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Four hundred and twenty-nine questionnaires developed by the investigator were distributed to Black white collar, blue collar, farm, and service workers in the Metropolitan Kansas City Area. The questionnaires, of which 383 were returned, were designed to determine whether the subjects perceived themselves as being different from the dominant society, to assess their attitudes about the need for a Black Psychology which concerns itself with the unique behavioral characteristics of Black Americans, and to see whether those assessments differed according to socioeconomic status.

The subjects who comprised the convenience sample were contacted through several agencies including the U.S. Department of Labor, nursing homes, hospitals, construction companies, and business unions.

Findings were: 1.) Blacks perceived themselves as equal to other people, yet acknowledged the presence of measurable differences in the Black social structure and family life; 2.) the degree of perceived differences in heritage, need for psychology, priorities, etc. varied according to socioeconomic status; and 3.) the need for a Black Psychology or a change in the prevailing psychological framework was overdue.

All results were significant at the .01 or .001 levels.


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