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Levels of affect were assessed in twenty-five Christian participants and twenty-four Wiccan and Pagan participants. Zucherman and Lubin's Multiple Affect Adjective Checklist-Revised (1985) was utilized to measure levels of anxiety, depression, hostility, sensation seeking and positive affect. It was hypothesized that Christians would rate higher in levels of anxiety, depression, and hostility. None of these hypotheses were supported, and there was no significant difference between Christian and Pagan levels of positive affect. There was however, a significant difference between the two groups in the area of sensation seeking- Pagan scores rating higher than did Christian scores. Possible explanations for this difference could be that Christians are more satisfied with mundane experiences, whereas Wiccans and Pagans seek "extra-sensory" experiences, or it could be that Wiccans and Pagans have a more epicurean mentality than do Christians. Recommendations are also made for future research.


25, [1] leaves ; 28 cm. Appendix includes: Multiple affect adjective check list / by Marvin Zuckerman and Bernard Lubin (San Diego, CA : Edits, c1965). Bibliography: leaves 21-23.

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