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The study demonstrated the use of self-observation via video tape as a treatment technique. The specific behavior modified was the inappropriate sitting position of ten mildly and moderately retarded adolescent girls. A repeated measures design with two matched groups was used with the experimental group receiving visual feedback of their behavior and the control group a non related visual presentation. The subjects in both groups were observed individually while participating in dyadic discussions with the experimenter. The dependent variable was the number of seconds the subjects exhibited the inappropriate sitting position per 15 minute discussion period. During the baseline and observation phases, the discussions were unstructured. In the treatment phase, both groups discussed ways they might improve their appearance; and following, the experimental group observed themselves and the control group watched an educational video tape. Statistical analysis of the data suggest that the use of self-observation was effective in significantly reducing the frequency of the inappropriate sitting position. This finding was compared with the results of a previous study in this area.


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