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The purpose of this descriptive, cor-relational research study was to determine if negative thinking was related to low-self esteem and depression in low-income single mothers in Labette County, Kansas. Targeting the symptom of negative thinking, might break the link of low self-esteem with depressive symptoms in low-income single mothers. The results can be improved mental health of the mother and improved physical and mental health of her children (Peden, Rayens, Hall, & Bebe, 2000; Peden, Rayens, Hall, and Grant, 2004).

Data for this research study was collected from December, 2005 to February, 2006 from a convenience sample of 55 single mothers from the Labette County Health Department and the Labette Community College. Each woman completed the Beck Depression Inventory — B II, the Crandell Cognition's Inventory, the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, and a demographics questionnaire.

The results of this research study indicated that 38% of the sample scored >14 on the Beck Depression Inventory — II, and 25 % of the sample scored in the moderate to severe depressive range of the BDI — B II. The research variables were strongly correlated with each other, demonstrating that negative thinking may be related to low self-esteem and depression in low-income single mothers in Labette, County, Kansas.


x, 112 leaves : ill. ; 29 cm. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 70-78).

Added author: Pittsburg State University. Dept. of Nursing.



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